Water Springs Monitoring

A hole in the mountain, any problem?

When a tunnel is cut through a mountain, it might be that the internal water circulation inside the mounatin is affected and changed with a result to dry water springs present on the surface.

Here I followed a hydrogeologist friend and we measured the following parameters:

  • air temperature
  • water temperature
  • water flow rate (Q)
  • water conductivity
  • water PH
  • water REDOX
  • water Oxigen

The water flow rate, water temperatue and water conductivity are the three more important parameters to assess if somethings goes wrong in this case. The others parameters are more related to the quality of water (geochemistry)

The water flow (Q) is simply measured with a bucket(s) of different capacity (e.g. 2 liters, 7 liters, 10 liters)

Author: sandro

Geologo, Idrogeologo.

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