Hydrogeology hands-on week-end

A good general course into applied hydrogeology


I recently partecipated in an applied hydrogeology course for NGOs dealing with water wells in Africa and Developing countries.

We drilled a 15m deep borehole in a sand aquifer, carried out a quick geological log, introduced the casing with screen and geotextile, then had an example of pumping test (lasted only 20 minutes instead of the usual 12+ hours), we saw another drilling method in practice, had a good on equipment and the geology of the area.

Then we moved inside for another two days of intensive Groundwater undertstanding. While much of the teaching was known, it was very interstinng to hear professional hydrogeologists exxpress in few words their understanding of groundwater hydraulics.

Personally I found very enriching the moment of water exploration where we localised the siting of water well drilling location by using real information from the ground and Google Earth.

Here some pictures of the event:

chalk hills, uk, silsoewater well drilling direct circulation water tankPumping test for aquifer properties



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