Neuchatel CHYN (hydrogeology and geothermy)

Kriging is a way of estimating spatial data where there is none. Easy said but it deals with high mathematics, probabilities, statistics and random variables. Do you have only a few points of data on a map but you want to create a reasonable contour area and even extrapolating values? Kriging is for that. Uses of kriging  are many: in environmental remediation, mineral and fossil fuels exploration, biology…to name a few.

Kriging maths

Another fundamental tool is FEFLOW of course: flow and mass simulation on a PC (actually I do it on my laptop). The learning curve is rather steep but little by little I am getting used here at teh University of Neuchatel (CHYN) where I am doing my master in hydrogeology and geothermy. We are using the old interface by the way…here it is:

feflow hydrogeology simulation numerical



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Author: sandro

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